Freestyle Mobility

I watched a show that was made back in 2004 and stalkers hung out near their targets work and home. They listened to cell phone conversations of their targets with just their smart phones. Most of what I say on a phone is not really sensitive but still I was creeped out by how easy it is to have our smartphone conversations listened in on. I just assumed these devices are like little computers and would have security built in and my calls I pay for would be private. The opposite is true. “Sniffers” can be used by anyone to listen to your smartphone calls. To make a private smartphone call both the caller and the called need a service that encrypts the calls from one handset to the other. Freestyle Mobility is an app that provides this service and very modestly priced I might add. It can be found at the iTunes store and google play store.
  The other thing that I found annoying is how often we have to give out our phone number on forms. Freestyle Mobility has an answer for that too. Temporary disposable phone numbers. There are a few apps out there  that can do what Freestyle Mobility does but none  are as good. Burner, Silent Circle and Freestyle Mobility offer similar services but call quality and ease of use combined with low prices and reward points puts Freestyle Mobility at the top in my book. Plus its loaded with features like encrypted photos, voicemail, and texting! These apps have only been out there for about a year and a half and I recommend Freestyle Mobility. I feel more in control when I post that add on Craigslist or Kijiji for the baby seat that my real phone number is private and I use a Freestyle Mobility temporary number right in my add. Results seem better because some people just won’t email or message you they like the convenience of calling.